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Eastern Gray Squirrel Sciurus carolinensis In the Mammals category.

We have had so much fun raising 5 squirrels that have fallen from their nests.

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We have many many squirrels in our yard. Several years ago, we saw a baby squirrel fall from its nest. Not knowing the mother would come down and pick the baby up, we picked it up and took care of it. It was hairless and still had its eyes closed. We named her Raindrop. A week later, we found another in the front yard. We named him Clyde. The next year, we raised 3 more. Nick, Hope, and Slim.
Photo taken on 8/6/2004.
Infant squirrel
This was Nick when we first got him. He is soooo small.
Photo taken on 9/1/2003.
Our squirrel Raindrop
This is Raindrop.
Photo taken on 9/16/2003.
Lynda holding two juvenile squirrels.
Clyde and Raindrop. They were young and just learning to walk and climb around this time.
Photo taken on 11/18/2003.
Clyde practicing his jumping
This is Clyde practicing his jumping. This is one of his many superhero poses.
Photo taken on 11/22/2003.
Squirrels entering our house.
We kept them in our sunroom. They could mess up a room real quick. And when they finished arranging a room to their liking, they would find another room.
Photo taken on 9/1/2004.
Hope and Nick as juveniles
This is Hope and Nick where they were just a few months old. Hope is on the arm of the chair.
Photo taken on 9/1/2004.
Squirrel sleeping
This is Nick taking an afternoon nap. Squirreling is exhausting business. You need a good nap.
Photo taken on 10/17/2004.
squirrels trying to hide on top of the curtains
they loved crawling up the curtains and hiding out up high. When they got bigger, the would sit up high and when you least expected it, they would pounce on you.
Photo taken on 11/13/2004.
Nick playing tag with Duncan (our bulldog)
Duncan was a favorite of all our squirrels. They all played games with him. They would sneak up to him, tag him, and take off running.
Photo taken on 4/4/2005.
Our squirrel named Slim sitting in Lyndas hand.
And this is Slim. He was a lovable little guy. One of the hurricanes of 2004 blew down his tree and he was the only survivor.