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Mission Statement : Aid local manufacturers with my programming and engineering skills.

My college ambitions were to get into the nuclear industry, but at the time I graduated the nuclear industry was deregulated and the cold war ended. This meant the job market was flooded with nuclear engineers from both the power industry and military applications. There was not a nuclear-related company in the US that didn't get a resume from me. So I persued the next best thing, moved back to my hometown and decided to help local manufacturing. And that's my goal, aid local manufacturing companies using my programming skills, engineering knowledge, and logical, practical approach to problem solving. My minor degree is in mechanical engineering.

Below are some tidbits of information about Jim Malo dba Industrial Programming Solutions.

Like everyone, I like job security. My approach for obtaining job security is to do an outstanding job on every project and finishing in a timely manner. In doing so, my clients come back to me for the next project, and that's what I consider job security.

For the past 10+ years, I have devoted my efforts to the BFGoodrich plant in Opelika, AL. During that time I've written over 300,000 lines of code for nearly every department in the plant. Unfortunately the plant announced it will close October 2009. Thus I must generate a new client list, soon.

I write software in such a way others can understand my code. Complex code is not in my book of tricks. In manufacturing, software must run 24/7 without the programmer having to baby sit the data and computers. And my software does just that. Furthermore, you never know when lightning may strike and take me away from programming. If another programmer cannot pick up with my code where I left off, then I haven't done a good job programming. I keep the code simple. I use a divide and conquer approach. And I'm not afraid of sharing my programming knowledge with others. After all, there will be a day I retire and that should not create any hardships in your manufacturing facility.

As you can see from these web pages, they are not filled with web graphics but are more data driven in nature.

All web pages on this site were programmed by Jim Malo. Although there are not very many web pages here, they do illustrate a small sampling of my abilities. Unfortunately I do not have any OPC programs feeding data to the web pages. One thing to notice about the web pages is that they print differently than they look in your browser. This is an intended effect. To illustrate, if this page were a report that you wanted to print and save, the navigation menu would not be of interest and you probably would not want to print it.

Computer programmers have earned a reputation as being let's say unprofessional. Many don't dress professionally, don't keep regular hours, they talk about cutting edge trends in programs, computers and gadgets, and a lot of what-if non-sense. And quite frankly, many are unreliable. Thankfully I don't fit in that mold. I add professionalism to the job. My software uses proven, stable, reliable techniques while focusing on user and machinery interactions. And I am safety-minded too. I wear my steel-toed boots to work.
Once you use Industrial Programming Solutions, you will gain new respect for manufacturing software and come back for more.