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April 2008, the adventure was an all-day kayak trip on Lake Harding, part of the Chattahoochee River. The trip started about 4 AM Thursday April 3rd. We put in the water about 5AM.

Early in the morning, the water was as smoothe as glass except when a fish would jump out of water. As you can see, we were all smiling faces early.
All smiles

It was dark that early. Real dark.
Lynda checking gear

Lynda still checking gear

Jim in his plow boy hat

Lynda had to have her flashlight it was so dark.
Lynda with a flashlight headgear

This is my po' white trash photo. Don't ask about the busted lip....
Jims self portrait

early morning kayaking

still early morning

Jim in the dark paddling

Jim posing

here come the geese

geese flying behind Lynda

and there they go

Lynda paddling

This is my favorite photo of the day. It was like this most of the day. How much more peaceful could it be?
serenity view of swampy area

"Stay out of the swamp ... Don't go in the swamp ..." (does anyone remember the sheriff at the swamp water ride at Six Flags?)  I took Lynda in the swamp..
Lynda in the swamp

This photo is for those of you who watch the TV show "Lost". I think the street sign says Jacob's Corner.
Jacobs Corner street sign?

And here's Jacobs shack. We were summoned there. By the way, the black thing hanging in the trees is a frying pan.
Jacobs house

Lynda enjoying a tow

Lynda enjoying a tow

turtle enjoying the day too

A beaver house. Early in the morning, when we pasted near here, a beaver chased us. We didn't know we were near her home. She kept splashing at us. A little scary considering it was pitch black earlier.
beaver house

beaver house

and the same beaver house


Snake in the tree. SNAKE IN THE TREE.



bigger snake

During the trip, it got really, I mean extremely windy. We paddled like crazy to overcome the wind. No lie, the wind was making 6 inch waves and even some white caps.
finish time

Lynda smiling

Jim smiling and sore

pulling out

And when we got back, we were all smiles because we made it. It was about a 20 mile trip and it wasn't easy for an old fart like me. But we enjoyed it tremendously. Wild azealeas were in bloom everywhere, and dogwood trees too. We came near two hills that were covered in little white wild blooms, some type of lilly. You had to be there.