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All common buzzwords in todays manufacturing environment. If you know what any of these mean, you need Industrial Programming Solutions. If you don't and you manage a manufacturing facility, you definitely need Industrial Programming Solutions.

Industrial Programming Solutions is a small (actually one-man) company located in Columbus Georgia that specializes in connecting the manufacturing plant floor to the front office using database servers and your intranet.

OPC is technology to read/write data from a computer to your plant floor PLCs. We have 14 years experience communicating with Allen-Bradley PLCs, SLCs and ControlLogix processors. If your facility uses GE Fanuc, Modicon, or OMRON PLCs, don't worry, we can exchange data with these processors too.

SQL is the database component of the system. Data can be stored in the database for operating parameters and historical performance. We are very experienced with Microsofts SQL Server. But, if you use Oracle servers or any other ODBC database, we can handle that too.

.NET is the programming platform of choice for Industrial Programming Solutions. Although we have experience with FORTRAN, VB6, and Delphi, we believe Microsofts Visual Studio .NET 2005 is the best language for rapidly building applications and web pages.

AND Industrial Programming Solutions is the company to pull it all together. Typically, our process is to write a server program (executable) to perform all communications between the database and the PLCs. This program runs 24/7 and has no user interface to speak of. Additionally, we write standalone programs that are heavily used by department managers to perform their specific tasks such as scheduling. And, to bring it to the front office, we write intranet web pages to retrieve the historical data for performance presentation.

For more information on these technologies, read my technology web page or contact me.
Industrial Programming Solutions is not a consultant, we are a hard core programming get-it-done company.