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Sharp Shinned Hawk A. striatus In the Birds category.

Just about every afternoon, this bird comes looking for a dove.

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This bird cruises the yard once a day in search of a dove. He/She is so fast and quiet when he comes in.
This bird is very similar to the Red Shouldered hawk but is a little smaller, but still a very big bird. But notice its head is dark colored and the stripes on its tail.
Interesting occurance. I was sitting in the back yard watching birds and I heard a whistling noise. I didnt think anything of it but then the doves took off flying like mad and here comes this hawk. It was like the hawk made the whistle to scare up the doves. Then the hawk just casually chased one of the doves.
Photo taken on 6/19/2010.
Sharp Skinned Hawk
A sharp skinned hawk.
Photo taken on 6/19/2010.
back side of sharp shinned hawk
Fuzzy picture but notice stripes on its tail.