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Unknown Caterpillar Unknown caterpillar In the Insects category.

This is the only caterpillar like this that I have ever seen. So cool.

This caterpillar moved very little. I would go over to the fence where I found it initially and it would move maybe 12 inches in a day. I watched it for about 2 weeks, then one day it was gone. I dont know whereit went.
If anyone knows more about this guy, I would like to know too.
Photo taken on 10/23/2005.
Hairy caterpillar
This is the neatest caterpillar I have ever seen. It has a furry coat on it.
Photo taken on 10/23/2005.
Another view of the furry caterpillar
This view gives an indication of the size of the caterpillar, which is normal sized.