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Pine Snake Pituophis melanoleucus In the Reptiles category.

We only find 2 or 3 snakes a year in the yard.

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We caught the snake and released him on the other side of the road. So he could terrorize the golfers. I did not use the crowbar to hurt the snake. I only used it to help scoop him up and hold his head down.
Photo taken on 5/29/2005.
Big snake
This snake was climbing up a tree about to get to a nesting dove.
Photo taken on 6/4/2009.
snake in the grass
I spotted this big raskle in grass on a very rainy day.
Photo taken on 6/4/2009.
jim holding the snake by its tail
i have seen jeff corwin do this. i know how its done. You can see he is really long.
Photo taken on 6/4/2009.
Jim holding the snake by both ends
Really, I know how to do this. {I think}